open task manager from cmd

sometimes when you use the Azure connection to AX, but you have no connection to the environment where AX is run, you can face situations when you have to terminate some kind of process.

For example you accidentally tried to copy all records of the really big table, and everything is hanging, and you can’t continue working because nothing is responsive.

If you have a connection to the cmd on the same environment you cans invoke task manager by entering taskmgr. and then you can terminate everything that you want 🙂


How to know if user has a worker assigned to it

If your user has a worker then you will have connected records in following two table DirPersonUser  and hcmWorker.

In dirPersonUser table you can have a look at the user id, and using PersonParty field, try to find related record in the hcmWorker table,( field Person)


Or you can use the easy way ( by using hcmWorker.serid to worker method 🙂