Data import export in ax 2012. When we need to add few new fields to the exported document that exist in source table.

1. Add fields to the source table

2. Add fields to the entities tmp table

3. Create new processing group DAT/Data import export framework/Common/processing group/new

4. open entities and generate mapping

5. modify source mapping

6. Ensure target mapping is correct

– View target mapping

–  if incorrect

– DAT/Data import export framework/Common/Setup/Target entities, choose correct entity

– modify target mapping

– refresh diagram

– switch to mapping details

– Generate mapping 9 from scratch)

– update mapping if required

– save

7. (tiny button after entities button)From processing group get staging data

8. copy data to target

9. check if everything worked successfully
Tips: – when testing file, before import of staging data to the staging table ensure that the file that you’re working with, is closed.